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Your Aviation Medical Exam - Step by Step

The first step to completing your medical exam is a visit with your own physician to ensure that your health conditions are optimized (see Preflight post for more details).

You now have to complete the online application through MedXPress which can be found at

Please read the instructions on the application carefully. You will note that in Section 18 it asks "have you ever ..." Yes, this means since birth. Also, any items that you indicate yes will need an explanation in comments. Previously reported - no change is not a description in itself. It is ok to include this in the comment but be sure to describe the problem as well.

Once completed, this application will be valid for 60 days and you will be provided a confirmation number. I cannot stress this enough ... you need to have this confirmation number with you at the time of your visit as it is the only key to open your record in the FAA system.

If you have associated medical records related to your application, please bring them with you so they can be forwarded to the FAA as needed.

"I have an date, but what am I going to wear!" Your FAA exam will include a thorough physical exam. For your comfort, I would recommend you bring a pair of comfortable gym shorts and females also include a sports bra or similar. If you forget, some standard gowns are available.

When you arrive, enter through Maine Aero. Due to COVID-19, prior to entry, I will be doing some basic screening questions and obtaining a quick temperature check. Please be sure to wear a mask as it is not possible to maintain adequate distancing during the exam process.

You will need to provide a urine sample as part of the evaluation so please be sure you can accomplish this on arrival.

Your exam will initially focus on reviewing your medical history that you completed on MedXPress. After this review is complete, you will be provided an opportunity to change into your exam clothes / gown and we can complete the remainder of your exam.

A few tips for your exam:

  1. If you wear reading glasses ... BRING THEM. You will have vision assessed for both near and far. You will be assessed for color vision as well.

  2. If you have hearing aids ... WEAR THEM. You can be certified but will have a comment indicating the need for hearing amplification.

  3. If you have any questions regarding the examination process, please call or send me an email so I can provide you with the information you need before your visit.

After your exam is complete, I will advise you if you currently meet the standards established by the FAA for medical certification. If you meet all standards, you will be provided your certificate at that time. If you do not meet the standards entirely, your exam may need to be deferred to the Regional Flight Surgeon for review. Some conditions require a review while some conditions can be issued provided that the appropriate medical records are available at the time of your exam. Inadequate documentation is the single most common reason for a deferral. To avoid this, see my other post on Preflight for your exam.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Fly Safe

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